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I don't know what this is, if 'tisn't regular trawling," said Harvey, sulkily.
Alesha all abuzz Now that Britain's Got Talent is over, Alesha Dixon has been trawling the web to find new music.
The group used simulated trawling with schools of wild minnows to investigate whether or not some individual fish were consistently more susceptible to capture by trawling, and if that related to swimming performance and metabolism.
Commercial trawling fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), including the Mississippi Sound, and east coast of the United States discard large amounts of by-catch which benefit bottlenose dolphins foraging these fish (Wassenberg and Hill 1990).
Agriculture and Marine Resources Directorate marine licences acting head Abdulla Isa said shrimp trawling was the main threat to the country's marine life.
The ban is seen as a necessary step as excessive trawling by these pleasure trip boats causes huge loss to the local fishermen.
Bottom trawling is the biggest problem, President Rajapaksa said.
Here, readers can spend a day trawling through the thousands of papers relating to Liberty and its forerunner.
Labour MP Barry Sheerman claimed those who worked with children were having their lives ruined as detectives working on Operation Pallial were trawling for information from a wide net of former residents.
Protecting seafloor habitats from the detrimental effects of trawling is a key component of efforts to move toward ecosystem-based fishery management (Valdemarsen & Suuronen 2003, McShane et al.
Chaa Creek owner Lucy Fleming said the recent conversion of a deep sea fishing boat from bottom trawling to seaweed farming had far ranging implications for Belize, whose economy depends on eco-tourism.