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Orbison's marital disasters and his rise to fame are spoken in the kind of treacly stage-American accent that make your toes curl.
There's plenty of raspberry jam and cherry fruit to tweak your gums, and hints of treacly spice make this a cracking Cotes du Rhone.
After a while, the talk about "caring," "sharing," and "love" gets so treacly that one feels like reaching for a volume of the Marquis de Sade or watching the World Wrestling Federation.
Unfortunately, longitudinal studies suggest that the treacly concept of getting moms and dads engaged is almost certainly the linchpin of students' educational success.
And so we limped into the "grand" final, a sequinned love fest that was so treacly it was like wading through molasses.
To understand how versatile these fortified wines can be it's best to think of sherry as a spectrum that ranges from bone dry, crisp fino through to treacly richness.
I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself," said he, in the most delicious, treacly, Californian drawl I've ever heard from a man from Stoke.
While most of the candidates offered fairly thoughtful, detached responses - although Rudy Giuliani seemed somewhat sweaty - Mitt immediately launched into a treacly recitation of his spousal devotion.
COWS are licking grit off roads in the Midlands because they like the treacly taste.
The pony-tailed Little then leads viewers through a basic 30-minute routine of squats, dumbbell lifts, push-ups, crunches and stretching, accompanied by treacly can-do exhortations.
Philip Kane's solo album, somewhat ironically titled Songs for Swinging Lovers, is a stunning mix of styles but through it all shines the singer's treacly tenor.
First the treacly wafts drift towards you, then on biting into a piece (preferably smothered in Aunty Lou's recommended Clover margarine), the wonderful flavour of her scrumptious mixture kicks in.