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He sought to tread water, in order to rest himself; but the sea was too violent, and he felt that he could not make use of this means of recuperation.
Hope you brought your things, Rose, for you belong to the Lobsters, you know, and we can have no end of fun teaching you to dive and float and tread water.
They must demonstrate their ability to tread water with full scuba gear, recover their air source underwater, and solve underwater problems related to fouled equipment.
As I hurtled off the springboard into the natatorium, I concluded that I lacked the ability to tread water.
The wave machine has just been switched on, but both groups feel its different effects, with those in the deep-end buoyant and able to tread water, while those in the shallows bear the brunt of the waves
Despite his treacherous experience, Archibald is ready to head back to the sea saying he didn't visit the island just to tread water and that he wanted to surf.
QPR need more players and are just managing to tread water right now, but ninthplaced Norwich and Swansea, who are 12th, are flourishing.
Architects continue to tread water in a slow and steady recovery, according to the latest billings index from the American Institute of Architects.
It meant William Carty, who weighed almost 13 stone, would have had to tread water to keep afloat - while suffering cold water shock.