tree farming

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Noun1.tree farming - the cultivation of tree for the production of timbertree farming - the cultivation of tree for the production of timber
farming, husbandry, agriculture - the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
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The most hazardous and second-most common pesticide in North Carolina Christmas tree farming is Di-Syston 15-G, a powder traditionally applied with a bucket and measuring spoon.
He sought to begin a tree farming business that he eventually planned to pass to his children.
He helped the Colorado Forestry Association and the Colorado Tree Farming Committee lobby the state legislature for a Forest Agriculture Act, which he jokingly calls "the Foresters' Employment Act.
Like many other Arkansans, the McAlpines became interested in Christmas tree farming in the early '80s.
Treeco actively engaged in tree farming and planted millions of trees.
To many people, tree farming has come to mean clearcutting followed by rows upon rows of conifers grown with genetics and cultivation and pesticides for purely economic purposes .
As an American, I have a hard time judging how much of this book's attack on tree farming comes from the old Anglo-Saxon fear of forests and how much is a well-founded attack on misplaced monoculture forestry.
Given those limitations, it is a useful book with a kind of shrewd lazy-gardener approach that simplifies tree farming and accounting and legal business without oversimplifying.