tree surgeon

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tree surgery

Treatment of diseased or damaged trees, as by pruning or bracing branches.

tree surgeon n.
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Noun1.tree surgeon - a specialist in treating damaged treestree surgeon - a specialist in treating damaged trees
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
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Tree surgeon Nick Ellard, of Heart of Oak Tree Care, chops up the tree ready for removal.
Tree surgeon Christopher Cheetham, 24, was jailed for two years at Mold Crown Court yesterday, after torching the chalet at Ystrad Hall in Llangollen on May 8.
A tree surgeon who suffered horrific injuries in a chainsaw accident has moved his fingers for the first time following emergency surgery to save his arm.
The job is the responsibility of the parish council and at their last meeting, it was agreed to accept the quotes from Northumberland County Council and the tree surgeon.
Augustine Parra, tree surgeon for Los Angeles Unified School District, traces the problem to a combination of improper planting and pruning practices.
Rescue: Tree surgeon Andrew Parrott with Gwen Russell-Jones and Bess the cat.
After a few more days trying to tempt Tiggs down in Buckden, near St Neots, Cambs, Natasha and Chloe called in a tree surgeon, who rescued her in 15 minutes.
Part of Aigburth Drive near the entrance to Sefton Park was closed by officers to allow a tree surgeon to remove part of the tree yesterday afternoon, following a thunderstorm which caused the damage.
More permanent repairs at this specific location require property owner participation, said Greg Monfette, a tree surgeon supervisor in the city's Street Tree Division.
If you are employing someone to prune or fell a tree in your garden, it's really important that you use a qualified tree surgeon to work on your behalf," he said.
but this little robin reckons it's fine to use John Hancock's head as a perch now he has adopted the tree surgeon and his crew.
A TREE surgeon fears historic trees will be lost if the council does not put money in to replace some of the city's rarest species.