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n. Informal
An environmentalist, especially one who supports the preservation of forested land and the restriction of logging.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) informal derogatory an environmental campaigner
[C20: from the tactic of embracing trees to prevent their being felled]


Informal. an environmentalist, esp. one concerned with preserving forests.
tree′-hug`ging, adj.
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If you fancied a low-emission hybrid fuel-sipper but couldn't get your head round the tech, here's a capable and fast family motor that won't make you look like a tree-hugger.
Moulded into the shape of a traditional mantelpiece clock and dried naturally in the sun, it's a stylish, eco-friendly gadget perfect for the tree-hugger in your life.
In the meantime, deepest thanks to all the great local tree-hugger heroes, especially Ruffin Von Bossuyt, Curt Laffin, Bruce Spencer, Denis Melican, Jim Coull, Wayne MacCallum, Bill Davis and those at MassWildlife and National Grid, who confronted repeated failure and worked - despite knowing their efforts might not blossom in their lifetime - to help make that glorious day possible for every sportsman and naturalist in America.
A vegan for more than 25 years, Calabrese not only wanted to share her healthy lifestyle with others, she wanted to change the hippie, tree-hugger image often associated with vegetarians.
Heather Kosch is not a tree-hugger, but she will readily admit an affinity for lakes, woodlands and grandpas that fashion corner cabinets out of purple hearts.
YOU'RE a tree-hugger and proud so why not flaunt the point during Sunday morning car cleaning in your street by using an earth-friendly car wash?
Since I've never been accused of being a tree-hugger, I tend to cast a skeptical eye on apocalyptic predictions of environmental doom, and global warming is the mother of all doomsday scenarios.
Actor, narrator, and tree-hugger James Whitmore warmed up the crowd, saying he hoped the film, which aired on PBS stations across the country in April and May, would inspire children to plant and care for trees.
So the self-described tree-hugger signed up for a $25,000-a-year-position with an environmentalist group.
Even the most rabid tree-hugger knows why: Only in wealthier countries do people have the luxury of worrying about the environment; only developed countries have the political will and the money to fight pollution.
And it's not because either of us is a tree-hugger wanting to save polar bears.
Volcano in Iceland, earthquake in China - the earth is in pain and no-one is listening," added a tree-hugger from Swansea.