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n. Informal
An environmentalist, especially one who supports the preservation of forested land and the restriction of logging.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) informal derogatory an environmental campaigner
[C20: from the tactic of embracing trees to prevent their being felled]


Informal. an environmentalist, esp. one concerned with preserving forests.
tree′-hug`ging, adj.
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You just stay at home to look after your kids like some kind of tree-hugging hippy?
Following the springing up on environmental tree-hugging social media sites of groups planning to meet in order to plant trees in the fire gutted areas of Soleas, the Forestry Department Thursday requested the public to refrain from the practice saying it could do more harm than good.
Organic should not be seen as just a fluffy, tree-hugging concept, but as a muscular way to grow.
The Wests are an interesting couple--far from your stereotypical tree-hugging greenies, they're entrepreneurs out to push the boundaries and make a real difference.
05PM PREMIERE "Cross my heart, hope to die," says Shiloh Fernandez (above) in a demonically straightfaced revision of Sam Raimi's tree-hugging 'video nasty'.
A couple of internationally funded, tree-hugging green groups are apparently hobbling the country's economy by campaigning against new power projects, mining, and genetically modified crop initiatives.
You can share your tree-hugging picture with me and add it to my collection at facebook.
Shame, then, that I arrived home wondering whether I was stoned after inhaling enough cannabis fumes to fuel a festival of tree-hugging, lentilmunching hippies.
Big-name stars call attention to a project that otherwise might be lost in the shuffle, but they also make it easy for deniers to dismiss the message because of the messengers (oh those silly tree-hugging Hollywood dilettantes--though Schwarzenegger has right-wing street cred as a recent Republican governor).
Their world features New Age spirituality, seances, tree-hugging vegetarians, parental kidnapping, folk singers, drug abuse, psychic healing circles, a horse called Pegasus, and a few magical mysteries but what lights the JC's fire is joining a Little League baseball team.
I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not a woolly-minded tree-hugging hippie, I am in fact a university-taught Particle Accelerator Engineer.
German Heidi, 40, did a bit of tree-hugging in Bora Bora in the south Pacific while Israeli Bar, 28, jumped for joy with a friend in Ibiza.