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Adj.1.tree-shaped - resembling a tree in form and branching structuretree-shaped - resembling a tree in form and branching structure; "arborescent coral found off the coast of Bermuda"; "dendriform sponges"
branchy - having many branches; "a branchy tree trunk"
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The cafe and shops will also have themed displays, including a cutlery tree and one decorated with tea cups, along with tree-shaped paper chains, while the entrance walkway is lined with decorated tree branches.
The Scandinavian-inspired Peugeot Duo Sno Salt and Pepper Set was created for holiday tables, pairing a tree-shaped pepper mill with a "snow-capped" white top, with a joyful saltshaker shaped like a snowman.
According to Sport24, Maradona has claimed that Oliva stole hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of watches, diamond earrings and other jewellery from him in Dubai, where the Argentine works as a sports promoter and has a mansion on Palm Jumeira, a palm tree-shaped artificial island.
I've also scoffed giant sausages in the Christmas markets in Manchester, eaten Christmas tree-shaped crumpets from Asda, walked the lengths of Oxford and Regent Streets in London, gazing at the lights - and Winter Wonderland is being done tomorrow.
According to Emmanuel Estrada, Globe's Head of Network Technologies Strategy, the use of tree-shaped mobile telecom towers is part of the company's efforts to improve wireless reception in exclusive villages.
This tree-shaped hat stand is perfect to brighten up hallways.
They have decided to try to be stylish and modern with their boring giant metal "paper chains" and pointed Christmas tree-shaped decorations, but they merely look clinical.
New products for this festive season include a Christmas tree-shaped Ferrero Rocher box (rsp: [pounds sterling]5.
Meanwhile, the South Korean military said its preparedness remains set at the highest level in case the North Korea attempts to strike the 30-meter-high, tree-shaped structure on Aegibong Peak, a 165-meter-high hill near the border.
Visitors will be able to indulge in a Christmas-themed afternoon tea with treats including tree-shaped Welsh cakes, cinnamon scones and festive sandwiches.
St David'sCentre in Cardiff city centre has erected a tree-shaped stand with practical hints and tips to make people aware of how a small change in their habits can help reduce environmental impacts.