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Woodenware consisting of small, functional household articles such as spoons or bowls, especially when carved from a single piece.

[From Middle English, made of wood, from Old English trēowen, from trēow, tree; see tree.]


made of wood; wooden
1. another name for treenware
2. (Crafts) the art of making treenware
[Old English trēowen, from trēow tree]


(ˈtri ən)
small household objects made entirely of wood.
[before 1000; Middle English (adj.); Old English trēowen. See tree, -en2]


 wooden items collectively, e.g., utensils, ornaments, working tools, or implements, 1300.
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In November 2016, the auctioneers sold a 19th-century Black Forest carved treen figure group in the form of a standing fox and hare, which had come in via a house clearance of a deceased estate.
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Not because it might make her knitting easier, although that was their purpose, but more importantly, because they are particularly fascinating in terms of social history and, where treen is concerned, perhaps the least understood.
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