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Jim said it made him all over trembly and feverish to be so close to freedom.
And when his hands are too trembly, and his eyes too shiny, why, I lecture him about his life and the wrong way he is going about it to mend it.
she cried again in a trembly little voice and flung herself upon me, sobbing softly.
Sugary foods may help you feel less trembly but there is no evidence to support the benefits of eating a greasy meal after drinking.
To scare herself witless - she was still damp and trembly from crying - and, moreover, to do it all by herself.
MAURICIO POCHETTINO is not the first Argentinian to feel his knees go all trembly at the idea of Spurs being on their way to Wembley.
Slavinskas) Jarvela; a brother, Richard Jarvela and his wife Pam of Palm Bay, FL; a sister, Nancy Trembly and her husband Joe of Toccoo, GA; two sisters in law, Diane Desroches of Leicester and Susan Sheridan and her husband Phil of Norton; a brother in law, Daniel Slavinskas and his wife Deborah of Worcester; many nieces and nephews.
Sugary foods may make you feel less trembly but it doesn't have to be chocolate.
TREMBLY Judy Finnigan shouldn't have apologised for her remark that an international footballer-turned-rapist's crime "wasn't violent and the girl was drunk".
Baffin's search for fire may take him into the Trembly Wood, scary home to the hideous Grong, to find the legendary Fire Bird in the Fire Mountain far away.
There had always been some question whether Tarrega's inspiration for that trembly piece was the Islamic architecture at Granada, or his patroness, the widow Martinez, who had taken him there on vacation.
Jean-Francois Trembly of Moody's Singapore stated that the trend for creditor 'bail-in' as a pre condition for state aid led to the assumption that support for sub-debt would be on an exceptional basis.