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a. Extremely large in amount, extent, or size; enormous: a tremendous sum of money. See Synonyms at enormous.
b. Very great in scope or importance: tremendous influence.
2. Remarkable; outstanding: What a tremendous example you have set.
3. Archaic Capable of making one tremble; terrible.

[From Latin tremendus, gerundive of tremere, to tremble.]

tre·men′dous·ly adv.
tre·men′dous·ness n.
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Like tragedy, our perception of everlasting life and the tremendousness of space that echoes God's immensity bring a fear that can only finally be faced by leaping into that abyss of God.
It will be so tremendous that you'll get tired of the tremendousness, so it will then close only a few days later.
Just More Reasons Why Because war has left our sky a theater of tombstones and the moon ripped itself apart --I can no longer cover my bleeding womb with its whiteness, because falling in love is inescapable, but only when we're submerged do we relish the escaping, because this city reminds me of a man, a monument in his tremendousness, and how is it that his tender fingers fought against poison, uprooted fear from his land, because life is one, but death is many, and Mother, because I've stopped hearing your midnight cries, your parturient syllables, the foreign name you hold --I learned to speak a language different than you've taught me --because of all this, on a black velvet night, a single raindrop sets off a thunder in my ears.
Paul tells us, "By dint of forced transport and at the cost of not a few severed abdomens and thoraxes I succeeded in getting some of the ants to follow the Imperial Formic Highway, a broad groove in the clay running out the main gates of the city, up the steep slope of the ravine, and thence out into the tremendousness of the world" (4).
The self-actualizer is apt to be bored by what is well known, however useful this knowledge may be, and encountering new knowledge to be awed before the tremendousness of the universe.