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Noun1.trend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trendtrend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend
line - a mark that is long relative to its width; "He drew a line on the chart"
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A weak start driven by weak regional sentiment led to profit taking across many sectors however the journey due south found support at the rising trend line and managed to recoup some of the intraday losses.
The answer to the second question is found by looking at the trend line, the general slope of the plot over a long period of time.
But technical indicators show "a super three-decade downward sloping trend line for 10-year yields" that could prove to be critical to bond investors.
Last week the Capesize Index was leaning towards a bearish technical from a momentum perspective, which was overbought whilst at the bear trend line.
If a stock is on uptrend, the line holding the price points is called support while if the stock is on downtrend, the trend line above it is called resistance.
Well, this kind of a trend line doesn't stop, and it hasn't stopped.
Dr Colin Summerhayes, emeritus associate at the Scott Polar Research Institute, said: "There will always be some years when the amount of sea ice is above the downward trend line and some years when it is below.
They are now significantly above the trend line of the index since the beginning of 1988 which represents a normalised commencement date and covers a period of 26U years.
91), which was considerably a better fit than a linear trend line ([r.
For five straight trading days, the price has been below the $120 mark and the trend line is distinctly downward.
Trend Line may not be the most obvious choice in the wolverhampton-racecourse.
She then turned in some very average runs on turf during what was a busy summer for her, but Trend Line seems to save her best for the all-weather.