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Noun1.trend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashiontrend-setter - someone who popularizes a new fashion
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
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SSM is the brand and trend-setter that drives the global market in winding technology.
It's fun meets fine," says Maureen Hoyt of Optional Art of her new line of stackable gel rings by German jewelry trend-setter Gellner.
Zong is a trend-setter telecom company and Adamjee Life is a leading insurance company in Pakistan with over 35 percent market share.
David Beckham - he is a sports icon and a worldwide trend-setter
TREND-setter Kate Moss has a new hobby - tap dancing.
We have worked with BMW from a very early stage on this project, which will be a trend-setter for future models.
Apex has been a trend-setter in the industry in more ways than one.
The enterprise is expected to become a trend-setter for research and development in various industrial sectors in the future.
Both cars were replaced by something called a crossover model, which has turned out to be hugely popular and a remarkable trend-setter by Nissan.
Whether he's an action man, gentleman or trend-setter, he'll want to look groomed and gorgeous.
We believe this to be an industry first and a trend-setter for large injection molded parts," says Brian Sumpter, business development director at Mack's Inman, S.
FORGET FCUK and DKNY - the only logo every trend-setter will soon want to be seen with is the Royal Navy's White Ensign.