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 (trĕn′dē) Informal
adj. trend·i·er, trend·i·est
Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion: trendy clothes. See Synonyms at fashionable.
n. pl. trend·ies
One who avidly follows the latest fads or trends: "International trendies have spread the word about the area's new nightclubs" (Lynn Langway).

trend′i·ly adv.
trend′i·ness n.


advmodern; to dress trendilysich nach der neuesten Mode kleiden
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Young Italians love it for its flexibility and because it will trendily get them to the town centre piazza or the ski slopes no bother at all.
Another who owns up to a vinyl collection - a scruffy-cornered original one, rather than a modern one comprising the expensive limited editions produced for the trendily alternative - is Baltic curator Alessandro Vincentelli whose idea this was.
30pm There are more visitors for Michael Rodwell tonight at his very trendily decorated council flat, as Nick and David warn him to steer clear of Street Cars and stay away from Gail.
30pm ITV) THERE are more visitors for Michael Rodwell tonight at his trendily decorated flat, as Nick and David warn him to stay away from STREET Cars and stay away from Gail.
They team up to thwart the evil and trendily suited warden (Jim Caviezel) and his henchman (Vinnie Jones).
Happy Garden hasn't found the need to go trendily pan-Asian and remains proudly "Mandarin-Szechuan-Hunan-Cantonese.
But if we'd had anyone trendily obese sitting at our booth table, he or she might have needed Fireman Sam winch just to escape for a loo break.
People dressed trendily are here till midnight in the hope they can soak in the atmosphere.
I can do better," said Tendulkar, looking dapper in a trendily cut suit and his new long hairdo.
Two large groups were celebrating special birthdays; five trendily dressed young ladies were enjoying a girl's night out, tucking in to curry and chips with gusto, whilst an all male bunch of walkers told us they regularly visited the restaurant twice a year when they were in the area.