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 (trĕn′dē) Informal
adj. trend·i·er, trend·i·est
Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion: trendy clothes. See Synonyms at fashionable.
n. pl. trend·ies
One who avidly follows the latest fads or trends: "International trendies have spread the word about the area's new nightclubs" (Lynn Langway).

trend′i·ly adv.
trend′i·ness n.


advmodern; to dress trendilysich nach der neuesten Mode kleiden
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Then came the popularity of vampire movies in Hollywood-whereupon Dolphy trendily topbilled the local 'toothy' takeoff, 'Mga Manugang ni Drakula.
It is genuinely perturbing that the Philippines has the resources, pools of talent and strong economic growth the country can brag to the world yet the nation of 100 million people has been trendily falling behind some of its neighbors in terms of medal rankings or total medals secured in the Olympics, SEA Games and other major Asian sports contests.
The street-traders of Brixton have good reason to resent the current gentrification making the place trendily upmarket.
Well it so happens the NHS has a fabulous programme called Couch to 5k (or more trendily, c25k) designed for this very situation.
Welcomed warmly by Chris Frost, who was doubling as front of house and waiter, he ushered us into the trendily furnished lounge with its adjoining split level cocktail bar, where we studied the drinks menu.
Khmer farmers and households have long practiced what is now trendily called permaculture - edible gardens, or sustainable agriculture.
Apart from denims, Spykar also has an extended collection of deodorants, perfumes, bags, belts, men's wallets, socks and other trendily designed accessories.
So, this Mokka's a small, trendily styled five-door little SUV/Crossover isn't it?
Now they are all starting to dress scarily trendily and I'm sure I caught the whiff of various strains of Lynx fighting for supremacy as they were lining up to do laser battle.
Young Italians love it for its flexibility and because it will trendily get them to the town centre piazza or the ski slopes no bother at all.
Another who owns up to a vinyl collection - a scruffy-cornered original one, rather than a modern one comprising the expensive limited editions produced for the trendily alternative - is Baltic curator Alessandro Vincentelli whose idea this was.