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Timid; timorous.

[Latin trepidus, anxious.]


(ˈtrɛpɪd) or


trembling or fearful


(ˈtrɛp ɪd)

fearful or apprehensive.
[1640–50; < Latin trepidus]
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Adj.1.trepid - timid by nature or revealing timiditytrepid - timid by nature or revealing timidity; "timorous little mouse"; "in a timorous tone"; "cast fearful glances at the large dog"
timid - showing fear and lack of confidence
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Now in middle age, I realise my intrepid side has become far too trepid.
A more concerted set of efforts encompassing all sectors--industry, government, and a more engaged citizenry, will largely determine whether the service delivery eco-system for the country receives a significant impetus for reform and innovation or rather continues along a much more trepid and incremental path.
The difficult economic circumstances forced El-Gazally to push his 16-year-old son to cross the sea despite its trepid waters and the potential for an unknown fate.
Her poetry from the last ten years of her life, before her suicide at the age of thirty-six, is the first full collection translated into English and filled with a trepid balance between frenzy and melancholia.
The trepid atmosphere in the US, coupled with a hotly divided political campaign war mongering, has paved the way for a final and potential enactment of this defective law.
While, on the one hand, the mouthpiece of the central government CCTV only offers "endless historical dramas, trepid soap operas and copycat game shows" (French, 2006), Chinese TV shows started a trend of imitating U.
The In trepid became one of 21 museums that applied to receive one of the three retiring orbiters: Discovery, Endeavour, and Atlantis.