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Noun1.Trestle bridge - a bridge supported by trestleworktrestle bridge - a bridge supported by trestlework  
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
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Tenders are invited for special repairs to the bituminous top surface of bridge portion including painting of trestle bridge and allied steel structure of durgapur barrage head regulator of lbmc and rbmc under damodar head works division
Hundreds of concrete slabs, which form the trestle bridge road surface, have been made in nearby Northwich, while the trestle frame was manufactured in Warrington.
Proponents hoping to save the Abitibi River trestle bridge from dereliction now have some numbers to bolster their argument that the span significantly contributes to the lifeblood of the community.
Construction crews already have begun assembling equipment and supplies at the site in anticipation of a Monday, April 6, start of construction on the former rail trestle bridge spanning Penns Creek," Dunn said.
structure carrying eastbound traffic over the Missouri River; upgrade of a 1980s steel trestle bridge (left, above) for westbound traffic; and, demolition of the original 1935 trestle (right).
The portAiis landmark features include the UAEAiis longest bridge, the Emirates Aluminium trestle bridge at over one kilometre in length, and the multi-award winning Environmental Protection Breakwater and the 8km arm that curls around the port to protect the Ras Ghanada coral reef, the only example of its kind in the Arabian Gulf.
The port features the UAE's longest bridge, called the Emirates Aluminium trestle bridge which is over one kilometre in length as well as the second-longest bridge in the capital.
The trestle bridge running out to the EMAL berth is physically the longest bridge in the seven emirates that make up the UAE.
In Pierre Boulle's novel The Bridge Ion the River Kwai, Colonel Nicholson (played by Alec Guiness in the movie) designs and builds a railroad trestle bridge for his captors to provide supplies to their invading forces in Burma while being held in a Japanese Prisoner of War (POW) camp.
6 kilometres along the trestle bridge and causeway running from the wharf to the shore, before being delivered directly to the Emal onsite Silo storage facility.
The Nantahala Gorge excursion is a four-and-a-half-hour, 44-mile round-trip ride crossing Fontana Lake on a 100-foot-high trestle bridge to breathtaking Nantahala Gorge.
This trestle bridge would allow trucks to move from the deep-draft dock to the expanded dock in an efficient loop, thus loading and unloading ships without slowing business by having to turn around.