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n. pl. tre·val·lies
Any of various carangid fishes, especially of the genera Carangoides and Caranx.

[Perhaps alteration of cavalla.]


n, pl -lies
(Animals) any of various marine food and game fishes of the genus Caranx: family Carangidae. Also called: araara (NZ)
[C19: probably alteration of cavally; see cavalla]


(trəˈvæl i)

n., pl. -lies.
any of several Australian food fish of the genus Caranx, esp. C. georgianus.
[1880–85; of obscure orig.]
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Dozens of meter-long blue-black Giant Trevally arrive looking forward to the tidbits tossed their way.
A juvenile golden trevally, a member of the jack family, swimming just a few inches in front of a highly carnivorous gray reef shark
There are many filming firsts: the ingenious tusk fish which uses rocks as an anvil to smash clam shells; cooperative hunting between bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales; as well as a giant trevally fish that hunts terns by plucking them out of the air.
Amino acid composition & antioxidative peptides from protein hydrolysates of yellow stripe trevally (Selaroides leptolepis).
There was no let-up elsewhere either, with footage of bird-killing fish - the giant trevally - leaping from the waters of the Indian Ocean and snatch terns in mid-flight.
And while Doug didn't work on the current series, he did have an influence on its most spectacular sequence of bird-hunting great trevally fish leaping out of the water to capture terns.
And when the team finally filmed giant trevally fish grabbing their prey it was similar to the suspense of the racer snake sequence in last year's Planet Earth II.
Among the creatures featured for the first time on camera include hairy-chested Hoff crabs, named after Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, snub fin dolphins that spit water through the air, a tool-using tusk fish, and a predatory giant trevally fish in the Seychelles that leaps into the air to grab sooty terns on the wing.
The series will capture the moment a trevally fish erupts from the water and grabs a tern flying close to the surface off the Seychelles.
There were many sights that left producers agog, such as a giant trevally fish launching itself out of the water to capture a bird in its mouth in the Indian Ocean.
They are thrown in Costa Rica for roosterfish and for giant trevally in the Indo-Pacific.