trial jury

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trial jury

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(or pet′it) ju′ry

a jury, usu. of 12 persons, impaneled to render a verdict in a civil or criminal proceeding (disting. from grand jury).
pet′ty ju′ror, n.
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Murder trial jury to retire THE judge in the Denbigh murder trial has all but completed his summing up.
Linda Scoffin, 65, and son Tom, 31, were back in court after a trial jury convicted them in July of conspiracy to defraud.
But after the second trial jury was unable to reach verdicts on four historical indecent assault charges, prosecutors said they would not seek a second retrial.
At the trial jury members are presented with Pyx boxes, named after the Roman word for chest.
Discharging the trial jury, Judge Robert Juckes QC gave prosecutors two weeks to consider whether to seek a re-trial on the remaining charges, all of which relate to the younger complainant.
Similarly, a grand jury can raise any question and can ask for any evidence it wants, while evidence before a trial jury is carefully chosen by each party and must adhere to a set of rules designed to ensure its reliability.
THE Elaine Doyle murder trial jury were told yesterday how accused John Docherty was arrested in a dawn raid 27 years after the killing.
A DRUGS trial jury was expected to begin its second day of deliberations today.
A MURDER trial jury heard how a gran fatally stabbed her daughterin-law after she threatened to cut off contact with her grandson.
A MURDER trial jury visited Marsden - to see the spot where a young man was fatally stabbed.
A MURDER trial jury has been shown a list of phone calls made in the hours following the fatal stabbing of schoolboy Aamir Siddiqui.
A grand jury is traditionally larger than and distinguishable from a petit jury or the trial jury, which is used during a trial.