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 (trī′ə-lôg′, -lŏg′)
A conversation or discussion in which three people or groups participate.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a dialogue between three people


(ˈtraɪ əˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg)

a discussion in which three persons or groups participate.
[1525–35; tri- + (di) alogue]
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2010) utilized trialogues between a student and two virtual characters (a peer and a teacher) to identify evidence of student inquiry skills.
I believe that this is, in fact, happening in trialogues throughout this country.
The agreed text is the result of negotiations within the Council itself and its informal trialogues with the EP and the European Commission, which took place during the Irish Presidency.
Furthermore, monitoring must allow the members of comitology working groups and informal trialogues to be identified.
Both the solo trialogues and the effective tutti gradations are enchanting.
Informal trialogues between the European Parliament, the Finnish EU Presidency and the European Commission were held on the rules in the same way as for the Framework Programme as a whole.
Even trialogues continue to be conducted, despite the momentous challenges they face.
On September 11,2001, it became even clearer how much such trialogues are needed on a worldwide basis.
The Lithuanian Presidency is involved in an intensive series of trialogues among the Council, the European Parliament and the Commission aiming to reach the final political agreement this autumn.
Hence, they abandoned the usual format of previous Jewish-Christian-Muslim trialogues (of an equal number of scholars from the three traditions) and decided to bring a very impressive group of international scholars in which the ratio of Jews, Christians, and Muslims would more nearly approximate the religious configuration of Macedonia and to involve local scholars much more heavily.
MEPs have agreed to wait until May before completing their first reading in order to allow time for further trialogues.
I myself published fourteen interreligious-dialogue books from 1990 to 1992, and the Trialogues became global: Austria, Israel, Indonesia, Macedonia, Jordan, and, next year, China.