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1. Of, relating to, or shaped like a triangle.
2. Having a triangle for a base: a triangular pyramid.
3. Relating to or involving three entities, such as three people, objects, or ideas.

tri·an′gu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
tri·an′gu·lar·ly adv.
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Noun1.triangularity - the property of being shaped like a triangletriangularity - the property of being shaped like a triangle
angularity - the property possessed by a shape that has angles
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But in the unstable triangularity of the play's progress of Morell, Candida, and Marchbanks, their identities and culpabilities--of Morell especially, as he might be defined by the meanings of the park garden and his books--duly resist a confident interpretation.
Considering this, the thematic triangularity of writing, authorial self, and death in Blanchot, Kafka, and Radnoti may be illuminating if it is assumed that up until almost the end, Radnoti writes in order to live, to escape the anonymity and passivity of a murderous death.
Rosin, "Measuring shape: ellipticity, rectangularity, and triangularity," Machine Vision and Applications, vol.
First, the Macdonald polynomials were introduced in Macdonald (1988) and are often defined as the set of q, t-symmetric functions satisfying certain orthogonality and triangularity conditions.
One can speak of "triangularity," but triangularity is neither a triangle stripped of all of its specific differences nor a triangle that somehow includes or subsumes into itself every single kind of triangle.
The magnetic field determines the radial position of the EC resonance, and therefore geometric aspects like the Shafranov shift, elongation and triangularity should be considered when accurate prediction of the resonance zone is required.
The role of the upper triangular matrix R is inconsequential as one can transfer rotations from the left to the right through the upper triangular matrix without destroying its upper triangularity and without altering the pattern of the rotations involved.
Ruled out are such structural properties as triangularity, since it is not fundamental and does not appear in natural laws.
This suggests that a reciprocal pattern of triangularity exists among the United States, North Korea, and South Korea.
Although this, Girard believes, demonstrates the absurdity of the triangularity of desire, the desiring subject will not admit this and will not give up the belief in "acquiring the fullness of being through the possession of an object.
Due to the triangularity condition (2) in Theorem 6, we will often need to study quantum ring elements f [member of] [A.
Brazil, Views from the Front Lines, supra note 73, at 236 ("[Attorneys would] demand[] that an opponent produce his income tax returns to capitalize on fears that disclosure of income could lead to difficulties with the government or a spouse, explor[e] politically sensitive subjects in suits against public agencies or officials to capitalize on fears of political repercussions, inquir[e] into the dating habits of a separated spouse or threaten[] to depose the third member of a relationship whose triangularity would best be kept secret, and focus[] discovery probes on arguably illegal and clearly embarrassing corporate 'contributions' to foreign governments or officials.