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n. Archaic
A woman who rubs her vulva against another woman for sexual pleasure; a lesbian.

[French, from Latin tribas, tribad-, from Greek, from trībein, to rub; see tribology.]

trib′a·dism n.


a lesbian, esp one who practises tribadism
[C17: from Latin tribas, from Greek tribein to rub]
tribadic adj
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Noun1.tribade - a female homosexualtribade - a female homosexual      
butch, dike, dyke - (slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine
gay, homo, homophile, homosexual - someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
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For instance, the masculinized, sexually transgressive tribade of early modernity might look similar to Freud's female invert, and yet the differences between the tribade and the invert suggest that these two figures do not constitute a single recognizable type (89).
Pass as a Woman, Act like a Man: Marie-Antoinette as Tribade in the Pornography of the French Revolution.
il avait paye dix francs pour voir des jupons sales et une femme flasque dans l'attitude d'une malade passee au speculum, subissant les caresses d'une tribade d'occasion" (164).
Hence the male feminisme [femininity] whereby the man becomes patiens {passive l as well as agens [activel, and the woman a tribade, a votary of mas-cula [man-like] Sappho.
Focusing on six sexual types--the sodomite, the tribade, the narcissistic courtier, the bawd, the citizen wife, and the monstrous favorite--DiGangi shows how "signifiers of gender and (more subtly) of sexuality serve to convey arguments about political loyalty, military ethics, and aristocratic comportment" (3).
The star lineup included Celine Montaland, an actress who, much like la Castiglione, installed herself with her mother in Paris and became a mistress of Napoleon III; Anna Deslion, a favorite of prince Napoleon and the Comte de Rouget; Suzanne Lagier, la tribade notorious for performing sex acts with women for gentlemen voyeurs; Hortense Schneider, a lover of the duc de Grammon-Caderousse, who reportedly lavished such huge sums on her that he was brought to ruin; and Cora Pearl, an opera star who used her loyers to indulge an extravagant appetite for luxury homes, stables, and racehorses.
27] Hamilton's next lover applies a different term to her body, again through epistolary exchange--this time materially informed by Hamilton's shifting identity: she is first referred to by a male pronoun, but Fielding largely encapsulates this relationship with feminine words, thereby enforcing an interpretation of Hamilton as a tribade.
Although there were isolated cases of women being investigated for engaging in tribade practices without using male clothing, it was generally the usurpation of male social privilege by means of male clothing and/or instruments which brought society's wrath down upon these women (Wahl 21-23; Faderman 52).
by Betsy Driver (New Jersey, US); "Tim and Tim, Tim or Tim," by Chen Chuanxi (China); "What is a Tribade Anyway, and What Does She Have To Do with Tribe8?
His 'Epigram on the Court Pucell' is one of his most vicious pieces, attributing Bulstrode's witty productions to her 'epicoene fury' and sneering with obvious misogyny, 'with tribade lust she force [s her] Muse'.
Crucial to this picture of toleration is the cultural distinction between the tribade and what Traub calls the femme.
In broadly schematic terms, Traub describes the opposition between representations of the tainted figure of the tribade and the more normatively acceptable person of the chaste friend and the ideology associated with her, demonstrating how the friend is eventually contaminated by the specter of sexual suspicion and "chart[ing] how a discursive regime of impossibility is gradually displaced by a governing logic of suspicion and possibility" (20-21).