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Of, relating to, or characteristic of a tribe.

trib′al·ly adv.


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) of or denoting a tribe or tribes: tribal chiefs in northern Yemen.
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) displaying loyalty to a tribe, group, or tribal values: the tribal loyalties of Labour MPs.
ˈtribally adv


(ˈtraɪ bəl)

of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a tribe.
trib′al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.tribal - relating to or characteristic of a tribetribal - relating to or characteristic of a tribe; "tribal customs"
kabileye ait


[ˈtraɪbəl] ADJtribal, de tribu


[ˈtraɪbəl] adjtribal(e)


adjStammes-; tribal chiefStammeshäuptling m; tribal region/settlementStammesgebiet nt/-siedlung f; tribal ritualsStammesrituale pl; tribal loyaltiesStammestreue f; Celtic society was basically tribaldie Gesellschaftsordnung der Kelten war stammesgebunden; to be divided on or along tribal lines (lit)nach Stammeszugehörigkeit geteilt sein; (fig)in feindliche Lager gespalten sein


[ˈtraɪbl] adjtribale; (warfare) → fra tribù


(traib) noun
1. a race of people, or a family, who are all descended from the same ancestor. the tribes of Israel.
2. a group of families, especially of a primitive or wandering people, ruled by a chief. the desert tribes of Africa.
ˈtribal adjective
of a tribe or tribes. tribal lands/customs; the tribal system.
ˈtribesman (ˈtraibz-) noun
a man who belongs to a tribe. an African tribesman.
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The tribally owned company is refactoring the software to best practice and tested development standards that leverage modern object-oriented practices.
He assures that the incoming CDC-led government will be tribally balance, noting that someone might have posted the list on the social media, not the Coalition as an institution.
They don't understand the situation over there and how tricky it is ethnically and tribally.
Jay Inslee signed the Act Relating to Dental Health Services in Tribal Settings into law, officially authorizing federally certified or tribally licensed dental therapists to care for patients in tribal areas.
The council represents the clinical directors of all federal and tribally owned hospitals and health centers within the IHS nationwide.
The FCC wants to hear "why community radio, especially Tribally licensed radio, is so critically important," Clyburn said, noting this is the 6th time a tribe or Tribally-owned entity has used the Tribal Priority.
Indeed Plaid Cymru in Clwyd South turn what would be a Conservative constituency into a Labour one as the Welsh speaking vote, votes tribally.
NTEC is a Navajo tribally owned company that owns and manages the Navajo mine in northwestern New Mexico, which supplies coal to the nearby Four Corners power plant.
Many in the strongly tribally divided region fear that this creation of the regional body would revive tribal trivialities.
American Indian Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities Program Grants (http://www.
Pakistan has faced defeat in last six series in which most of the times batting line had performed tribally.
Red Crow LLC said it has partnered with Torres Martinez Desert Cahulla subsidiary Sovereignty Medical Tribal Corporation to develop a 100 percent organic medical cannabis production and processing facility that is 51 percent tribally owned.