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A tercentenary event or celebration.
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Adj.1.tricentennial - of or relating to or completing a period of 300 years
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With the citys tricentennial year, there are more eyes on New Orleans than ever before, Forman said in a statement.
how can I help," Hofstetter says, adding that the agency replaced a more traditional ad celebrating the city's tricentennial with the letter at the last minute.
New Orleans' oldest parading Carnival group, Rex, celebrated the tricentennial with 21 of its 28 floats commemorating the city's history starting with those who lived in the area before Europeans settled it in 1718 to the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.
The premier gathering of CTE professionals, this year's event takes place November 28-December 1 in festive San Antonio as it celebrates its tricentennial.
Four of those have received the Tricentennial Farm designation and 26 have received the Bicentennial Farm designation.
In honour of its tricentennial, there are events scheduled throughout the year.
The tricentennial has kicked off several major infrastructure improvements, including a remodelling of popular Bourbon Street, which hasn't been done since 1928, and a new airport terminal that is due in 2019.
Stevens said the Daughters hope San Antonio's tricentennial celebration will bring new interest to the collection, which includes Samuel Maverick's copy of the signed Texas Declaration of Independence and paintings by Theodore Gentilz.
Pape: As San Antonio prepares to celebrate its 300th anniversary in 2018, our exclusive reporting on mismanagement and favoritism in contract awards led to the resignation of the Tricentennial Commission's CEO and promises by city officials to quickly set things right.
Celebrating its tricentennial this year, the NH State Ubrary.
Landrieu guided a vast rebuilding of the flood-battered infrastructure, won a second term by a landslide and began looking toward 2018, when the city celebrates its tricentennial and he steps down in May, ineligible for a third consecutive term.
Daniel Huet's 'Lettre-traite de l'origine des romans,' 1670, updated in a tricentennial edition, 1971.