trichlorophenoxyacetic acid

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trichlorophenoxyacetic acid

(Elements & Compounds) an insoluble crystalline solid; 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid. It is a plant hormone and is used as a weedkiller. Formula: C8H5Cl3O3. Also called: 2,4,5-T

tri•chlo′ro•phe•nox•y•a•ce′tic ac′id

(traɪˈklɔr oʊ fəˌnɒk si əˈsi tɪk, -ˈsɛt ɪk, -ˈkloʊr-, -ˌklɔr-, -ˌkloʊr-)

a light tan, water-insoluble solid, C8H5Cl3O3, used chiefly for killing weeds. Also called 2,4,5-T
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Agent Orange was a mixture of 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4, D) and trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5,T).
The use of trichlorophenoxyacetic acid and picloran resulted in a lower percentage of embryogenic callus induction in the RB855156 cultivar, whereas no embryogenic callus formation was observed in the RB72454 cultivar, with the exception of explants cultured on medium containing 13.
Chemicals dropped from C-123 aircraft over Vietnamwere a powerful mixture of 2,4,5 Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid and 2,4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid.