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The property possessed by certain minerals of exhibiting three different colors when viewed from three different directions under white lights.

[From Greek trikhroos, three-colored : tri-, tri- + khrōs, color.]

tri·chro′ic adj.
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Specific topics include measurements of the chemical and physical characteristics of polymers, depth profiling of polymers, measurement of the thermal and solar properties of polymers, polymer optical and dielectric properties, infrared linear dichroism of polymers, trichroic infrared measurements of orientation, dynamic infrared linear dichroism of polymers, analysis of rubber composites, and theory and applications of vibrational spectroscopy of conducting polymers.
Furthermore, a combination of IR trichroic analysis and TEM has been used to determine the orientation distribution function of montmorillonite platelets in Nylon-6 nanocomposite films [25].
2 show the trichroic spectra obtained from the analysis (corresponding to polarization along the three directions MD, TD, and ND), together with the calculated structural factor spectrum SF.