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adj. trick·i·er, trick·i·est
1. Given to or characterized by trickery.
2. Requiring caution or skill: a tricky recipe.

trick′i·ly adv.
trick′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.trickily - in an artful mannertrickily - in an artful manner; "he craftily arranged to be there when the decision was announced"; "had ever circumstances conspired so cunningly?"
باحْتِيال، بِخِداع
düzenbazlıklahileli şekilde


(trik) noun
1. something which is done, said etc in order to cheat or deceive someone, and sometimes to frighten them or make them appear stupid. The message was just a trick to get her to leave the room.
2. a clever or skilful action (to amuse etc). The magician performed some clever tricks.
intended to deceive or give a certain illusion. trick photography.
ˈtrickery noun
the act of deceiving or cheating. She could not stand his trickery.
ˈtrickster noun
a cheater.
ˈtricky adjective
difficult. a tricky problem/job; a tricky person to deal with.
ˈtrickily adverb
ˈtrickiness noun
ˈtrick question noun
a question that is likely to mislead a person.
do the trick
to do or be what is necessary. I need a piece of paper. This old envelope will do the trick!
play a trick / tricks on
to do something which is amusing to oneself because it deceives or frightens (someone else), or makes them appear stupid. He played a trick on her by jumping out from behind a wall as she passed.
a trick of the trade
one of the ways of being successful in a job etc. Remembering the customers' names is one of the tricks of the trade.
trick or treat!
an expression used by children on Halloween to ``threaten'' people that they will do annoying tricks if they do not get sweets or small presents.
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Chaudhry because of his strong footings in political circles and particularly his deep association with religio-political party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) trickily managed to be short listed for the interview of HEC chairman office inconnivance of some high profile officials in former search committee headed by PML-N senior leader Ahsan Iqbal, which was later dissolved on instruction of Prime Minister because of its shady performance.
Instead, United's supporters are left trying to trickily traverse a third way - supporting the team while decrying the regime.
He chased Matt Kuchar to the line at Memorial two weeks ago and has the sort of course form we always look for, third to McIlroy two years ago when the course was set up far more trickily than it will be for this routine tour event.
There is a certain amount of one-upmanship in his claim; his novella is the best of the day because it concerns an even trickier trickster getting tricked even more trickily ("artificiosamente") than any before.
The other two probably don't turn either, and have an off-center axle that would make the work ride trickily up and down if they turned.
The band has its debut album, Generals, now available on the F-IRE label, and it's a tasty mix of the atmospheric and the trickily timed, but is generally a lot gentler than either the group or album names would suggest.