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adj. trick·i·er, trick·i·est
1. Given to or characterized by trickery.
2. Requiring caution or skill: a tricky recipe.

trick′i·ly adv.
trick′i·ness n.
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Noun1.trickiness - the quality of being a slippery rascaltrickiness - the quality of being a slippery rascal
dishonesty - the quality of being dishonest
2.trickiness - the quality of requiring skill or caution; "these puzzles are famous for their trickiness"
complexity, complexness - the quality of being intricate and compounded; "he enjoyed the complexity of modern computers"


إحْتِيال، خِداع


(= difficulty)Schwierigkeit f; (= fiddliness)Kniffligkeit f
(of situation)Schwierigkeit f, → Kitzligkeit f (inf); the trickiness of the present industrial situation …die heikle or kitzlige (inf)augenblickliche Lage in der Industrie
(= slyness)Durchtriebenheit f, → Gerissenheit f


(trik) noun
1. something which is done, said etc in order to cheat or deceive someone, and sometimes to frighten them or make them appear stupid. The message was just a trick to get her to leave the room.
2. a clever or skilful action (to amuse etc). The magician performed some clever tricks.
intended to deceive or give a certain illusion. trick photography.
ˈtrickery noun
the act of deceiving or cheating. She could not stand his trickery.
ˈtrickster noun
a cheater.
ˈtricky adjective
difficult. a tricky problem/job; a tricky person to deal with.
ˈtrickily adverb
ˈtrickiness noun
ˈtrick question noun
a question that is likely to mislead a person.
do the trick
to do or be what is necessary. I need a piece of paper. This old envelope will do the trick!
play a trick / tricks on
to do something which is amusing to oneself because it deceives or frightens (someone else), or makes them appear stupid. He played a trick on her by jumping out from behind a wall as she passed.
a trick of the trade
one of the ways of being successful in a job etc. Remembering the customers' names is one of the tricks of the trade.
trick or treat!
an expression used by children on Halloween to ``threaten'' people that they will do annoying tricks if they do not get sweets or small presents.
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Speaking to officers of the Pasdar maritime arm, Khamenehi spoke at length and in great detail about the trickiness of the Americans and their friends.
The real trickiness begins with the valuable 6f handicap (3.
I think that there is always some trickiness involved whenever the Fed goes from low rates to a more normal level.
TITLE: CROSSY ROAD (IPHONE/IPAD) FROGGER was a fantastic game, using the simplicity of its premise alongside the progressive trickiness in getting from A to B with only up, down, left and right to play with.
TITLE: CROSSY ROAD (IPHONE/IPAD) PAD) P FROGGER was a fantastic game, using the simplicity of its premise alongside the progressive trickiness in getting from A to B with only up, down, left and right to play with.
In spite of its trickiness it's worth it because it's a fantastic song.
To more fully comprehend the trickiness of these negotiations, imagine yourself within your uncomfortable, 15-year-old, adolescent skin and read these texts again.
As is the case with so much of the language and phrasing in the novel itself, Marlatt is here highlighting the multiplicity of meaning, the shiftiness and trickiness of language: that every use of language requires a supplement of more language.
I CANNOT for the life of me understand how anyone can fall for the fraudsters' trickiness.
We didn't have his trickiness up front but to have Barnsey coming in meant we could be just as effective.
He has been likened to a young Chris Waddle because of his slight build and trickiness.
Jojo Moyes expertly weaves a bittersweet tale in this irresistible novel, taking careful interest in the dark corners that exist within great love stories, and the trickiness of simple happy endings.