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Of or relating to the belief that financial benefits accorded to low-income people and very small businesses, as through microcredit or governmental transfer payments, are passed on to profit wealthier people and larger businesses.
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I want these students to have the trickle-up approach to their families and the entire community,'' Baker said.
Trickle-up effect, and it 's not just Magic Johnson
There is good reason to suspect--contrary to conventional business wisdom--that trickle-up economics works better than trickle-down.
In a nice twist on trickle-down economics, we now have these bankrupt supply-siders blaming the nation's outcasts for trickle-up moral corrosion.
Simmons expressed concern that pay raises could create a trickle-up effect in all sports that could create financial hardship for schools already facing budget crunches.
After 12 years of trickle-up, boom-and-bust business deals, and private profits with public costs, many affluent Americans have begun to nurse their bulimic and inexplicably hung-over inner children.
There's also a trickle-up effect: Wages of existing workers will have to rise so they still will make more than the new hires.