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also tri·corne  (trī′kôrn′)
A hat having the brim turned up on three sides.
Having three corners, horns, or projections.

[French tricorne, from Latin tricornis, three-horned : tri-, tri- + cornū, horn; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]


or tri•corn

(ˈtraɪ kɔrn)
a three-cornered cocked hat.
[< French < Latin tricornis; see tricorn]
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Noun1.tricorne - cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three pointstricorne - cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three points
cocked hat - hat with opposing brims turned up and caught together to form points
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The pensioners - noted for their distinctive scarlet coats and tricorne hats - all live in the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.
By season's end, Angelini had raised the curtain on six works new to Tulsa: Heinz Poll's lighthearted Eight by Benny Goodman, Robert North's Death and the Maiden, Massine's Le Tricorne, Balanchine's Four Temperaments, Franklin's Pas de Deux from Sylvia, and Ronald Hynd's full-length Rosalinda.