trim away

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w>trim away

vt sepweg- or abschneiden; details etcentfernen
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Prep the fish: Pull or cut out any bones (*) and, if you like, trim away bloodlines (the darker red, stronger-tasting portions).
CRISPR works as a type of molecular scissors that can selectively trim away unwanted parts of the genome, and replace it with new stretches of DNA.
19510) technique , which has the ability to permanently modify genes in organisms, can selectively trim away parts of the genome that is deemed unwanted to replace it with new stretches of DNA.
You'll need to think of this when buying your livers, as you'll trim away a fair amount.
Use a sharp knife to trim away excess pastry from the rim, then leave the tart case to cool in the tin for 15 minutes.
Just clip the plastic Innie between tongue and inner edge of the shoe, it the laces firmly in place and you trim away the excess - neat, slick and super cool.
Sew on marked lines; trim away and discard excess fabric.
Purchase new technology equipment to be determined for the new production program focused mainly on products for the automotive industry (production of tools, molds and precision parts), mechanical engineering (design and production of components and units in production lines, tools to trim away aluminum extrusions) chemical and rubber industry (molds for plastic and rubber products) and repair, modification and maintenance of molds and tools for the automotive industry and other products according to customers~ requirements.
Get an adult to trim away each end and slice diagonally into four or six pieces.
Use a paring knife to trim away any leaves and protruding stem from the bottom of the cauliflower.
The beef has little edge fat to trim away and has little flecks of marbling throughout.