trim off

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w>trim off

vt sep bits of beard, ends of branchabschneiden; rough edges (with knife/saw/plane/file) → abschneiden/-sägen/-hobeln/-feilen; fatab- or wegschneiden; they have trimmed 1p off income taxsie haben den Einkommenssteuersatz um 1p gesenkt
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create a bushy plant - you can trim off any weak and distorted shoots at this stage.
Roll out the pastry, then lift into a tart tin, then trim off any excess, chilled 30 mins.
Then trim off the excess so that you are left with a rainbow shape.
Trim off the foliage of strawberry plants to just above the crowns after fruiting, removing unwanted runners.
Trim off any you can see from meat before you cook it and skin chicken and turkey first.
Cut just below a leaf joint, trim off the bottom leaves, nip out the top and insert around the edge of a pot (preferably clay) of gritty compost.
Working with 1 artichoke at a time, lay each artichoke on its side and cut down on one side to trim off the tough outer leaves and expose the lighter green inner leaves.
YOU WILL NEED: Coffee filter papers (or you can use tissue paper or kitchen roll instead) Scissors Felt tip pens Wooden pegs Pipe cleaners (optional) METHOD TAKE a coffee filter paper and trim off the patterned edge.
To prepare lamb, remove meat from rib cage, trim off sinews, season, tie.
1 : to cut or trim off a thin layer of (as with a sharp blade) <I shaved the wood from the tip of the pencil.
Trim off the rim and the tip and stretch the latex out fiat with your fingers.
Remove the pins and trim off excess filler; leaving 1 1/2 inches of backing all around.