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An antibiotic drug, C14H18N4O3, used primarily to treat or prevent urinary tract infections, often in combination with sulfamethoxazole.

[tri- + meth- + o(xy)- + p(y)rim(idine).]


(Pharmacology) an antibiotic often prescribed to be taken with a sulphonamide, esp to treat urinary infections


(traɪˈmɛθ ə prɪm)

a synthetic crystalline compound, C11H18N4O3, usu. combined with a sulfonamide as an antibiotic preparation in the treatment of urinary tract infections and pneumocystis pneumonia.
[1960–65; trimetho(xyphenyl) + p(y)rim(idinediamine), components of its chemical name]
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sulphamethoxazole/ trimethoprim (SXT), which was introduced in year 1930 (Tadesse et al.
Trimethoprim is antibiotic agent with large spectrum commonly used in chemotherapy for the treatment of enteric, respiratory and urinary tract infections [11].
MICs to trimethoprim were determined by the agar dilution method described by the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (2006).
Major Finding: Between 1998 and 2009, prescriptions for the first-line urinary anti-infectives trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, fosfomycin, and nitrofurantoin for uncomplicated cystitis in women remained constant (P= .
Treatment of traveller's diarrhea with trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole and with trimethoprim alone.
Susceptibility to Sulphamethoxazole-Trimethoprim combination (SXT: 25 ug), Trimethoprim alone (W: 2.
Bactrim is dosed on the trimethoprim portion of the combo.
They were randomized to receive either 500 mg of Cran-Max or 100 mg of trimethoprim for six months.
Trimethoprim is currently used as an alternative to other antibiotics which fail in the treatment of hospital superbugs such as MRSA.
Only two prescription drugs--the antibiotics trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole--made it into drinking water, and only in trace amounts.
Trimethoprim was administered from the 14th to the 23rd hospital day concomitantly with DPH.
FHZ, 2-mercaptoethanol, NADPH, Tris-HCl, Tris-base, DAMPA (purity ~90%), and trimethoprim were obtained from Sigma Chemical Co.