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 (trī-môr′fĭk) also tri·mor·phous (-fəs)
1. Biology Having or occurring in three differing forms.
2. Chemistry Crystallizing in three distinct forms.

tri·mor′phi·cal·ly adv.
tri·mor′phism n.
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Capitula homogamous or heterogamous, discoid, disciform, ligulate, or radiate, isomorphic or heteromorphic with dimorphic, sub-dimorphic, or rarely with trimorphic florets, with one to numerous florets; receptacle epaleate to paleate, glabrous, pilose, setose to fimbriate; involucre uniseriate to multiseriate.
cycadifolium (Colla) Sturm, and including species with monomorphic, dimorphic and even trimorphic fronds.