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Having three parts; threefold.

[Late Latin trīnālis, from Latin trīnus, trine; see trine.]


(ˈtraɪn l)

threefold; triple; trine.
[1555–65; < Late Latin trīnālis]
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Through global health engagements based on standardized HLOEs and doc trinal FAs, the Department of Defense reassures allies and key regional partners of American commitment, prepares regional partners to assume multinational leadership roles, opens lines of communication with new partners, and sustains access to countries with limited capacity to contribute toward regional and international security.
Khaleej Times met author and graphologist Usha Mullan who studies personalities through a trinal approach: graphology, the Enneagram and drawings.
Whereas the total shape of each article, with its trinal divisions into objections, respondeo, and answers to objections, is an "S" labyrinth, this figure is really traced and retraced by the mind many times in the course of a single article.