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 (trī-no͞o′klē-ə-tīd′, -nyo͞o′-)
A triplet of nucleotides; a codon.


(Biochemistry) a combination of three nucleotides


(traɪˈnu kli əˌtaɪd, -ˈnyu-)

three linked nucleotides; triplet.
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Fragile X Syndrome (FXS, OMIM 300624) is a genetic disease inherited through the X chromosome and falling under the umbrella of the trinucleotide repeat disorders.
However, most testing of repeat areas (eg, trinucleotide disorders such as fragile X) continues to use traditional, established methods rather than NGS.
sup][127] Another example was to treat trinucleotide repeat disorders, such as fragile X syndrome and HD.
The most common inherited cause of chorea is Huntington's disease, caused by abnormal expansion of CAG trinucleotide on chromosome 4p16.
RUFA5 and RUFA18 primers amplified dinucleotide repeats producing amplicons approximately 180 bp long whereas RUFA15 primers amplified a trinucleotide repeat of amplicons approximately 100 bp long.
The unmapped reads consisted mainly of long stretches of dinucleotide and trinucleotide repeats.
2009; Roos, 2010; Ross and Tabrizi, 2011) and caused by the repeat polymorphisms of CAG trinucleotide in exon 1 of huntingtin (HTT) gene (Andrew et al.
3) The repetitive trinucleotide, TTC, in a pseudogene was the second marker, which was detected as allelic variations from 10 to 37 repeats.
Testing for FXS and similar trinucleotide repeat disorders (e.
However genetic analysis revealed that the number of trinucleotide repeats in the HD gene was within the normal range.
The correlation of age of onset with CTG trinucleotide repeat amplification in myotonic dystrophy.
As far as repeat motifs of SSR loci, the dinucleotide was the most abundant repeat type, followed by hexanucleotide, trinucleotide, tetranucleotide, and pentanucleotide (Fig.