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 (trē′ə-lĭt, trī′-, trē′ə-lā′)
A poem or stanza of eight lines with a rhyme scheme abaaabab, in which the fourth and seventh lines are the same as the first, and the eighth line is the same as the second.

[French, diminutive of trio, trio; see trio.]


(Poetry) a verse form of eight lines, having the first line repeated as the fourth and seventh and the second line as the eighth, rhyming a b a a a b a b
[C17: from French: a little trio]


(ˌtri əˈleɪ, ˈtraɪ ə lɪt)

a short poem of fixed form, having a rhyme scheme of ab, aa, abab, and having the first line repeated as the fourth and seventh lines, and the second line repeated as the eighth.
[1645–55; < French, Middle French, akin to trèfle trefoil, clover < Greek tríphyllon (see tri-, -phyll); see -et]
References in classic literature ?
Just to show you, I wrote half a dozen jokes last night for the comic weeklies; and just as I was going to bed, the thought struck me to try my hand at a triolet - a humorous one; and inside an hour I had written four.
Then we'll get married on triolets that will sell," he asserted stoutly, putting his arm around her and drawing a very unresponsive sweetheart toward him.
I wrote, I wrote everything--ponderous essays, scientific and sociological short stories, humorous verse, verse of all sorts from triolets and sonnets to blank verse tragedy and elephantine epics in Spenserian stanzas.
In the final section, "Invitation to the Cockroach Ball," he continues with the forms, adding a triolet, a ghazal, a cento sonnet, a blues poem, a villanelle, and ending with an elegy.
Ils se sont eriges pendant des mois, a la fin de l'hiver dernier, en maitre des lieux, du cote de Climat de France, tout le long de Triolet, menant vers Frais Vallon, juste a l'embouchure du barrage des agents de la securite routiere.
ruled triolet form is a perfect example; its repetitions also enact
Mooney also situates Beckett's relation to the French language in a broader cultural landscape and discusses Beckett's affinities with Emil Cioran, Julien Green, Elsa Triolet, or Henri Michaux.
Thanks to Chad Triolet, Bill Deck, Duke Conrad, and Fred Milbert for all their work on developing the Operating Code.
Cultural highlights: In a country as varied as Mauritius, cultural highlights are manifold and include the Red Roof Chapel in Cap Malheureux, Maheshwarnath Temple at Triolet Shival, the Victoria 1840 sugar cane factory and the Salt Pans at Tamarin.
Sample prices include: Courmayeur, Italy, from $1,279, staying at Hotel Triolet with breakfast daily, valid Jan.
There are about 6 million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth MSA and about 24 million in the state--reason enough to put an intermodal center there, Triolet says.