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n. pl. tri·pos·es
Any of the examinations for the B.A. degree with honors at Cambridge University in England.

[Alteration of Latin tripūs, tripod-, tripod (from the stool upon which a degree holder was appointed to sit and dispute humorously with candidates for that degree); see tripod.]


(Education) Brit the final honours degree examinations in all subjects at Cambridge University
[C16: from Latin tripūs, influenced by Greek noun ending -os]


(ˈtraɪ pɒs)

n., pl. -pos•es.
(at Cambridge University, England) any of various final honors examinations.
[1580–90; alter. of Latin tripūs tripod, after the three-legged stools students sat on during the exams]
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Noun1.tripos - final honors degree examinations at Cambridge Universitytripos - final honors degree examinations at Cambridge University
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"


nAbschlussexamen nt (an der Universität Cambridge)
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At Cambridge he had spent a great deal of his time working in the laboratory, and had taken a good class in the Natural Science Tripos of his year.
Between 2009 and 2011 the two most frequent and abundant Dinophysis species found in North Patagonian gulfs were Dinophysis tripos Gourret and Dinophysis acuminata Claparede and Lachmann, and in 2015 D.
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He demonstrates that the cultural processes that governed the way in which Cantabrigian undergraduates sitting for the Mathematical Tripos initially came to grips with their subject matter had some bearing on the mathematical product that eventually appeared on the published page.
This 464 page collection includes Tripos, Black Jack, Chinese ceramic puzzle vessels, paper folding, Mongolian interlocking puzzles, rolling block puzzles, sliding puzzles, cryptic crosswords, The Panex Puzzle, polyonimo puzzles, and so much more.
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Widely recognized in the field of molecular informatics and design, Tripos provides a comprehensive integrated set of software tools for molecular design and analysis.
Researchers at Tripos have created a Web-enabling infrastructure and tool kit consisting of servers and Sun Microsystems' Java-based applets that can be used and reused in the development of interfaces for established computational-chemistry software modules.
The Aldrich chemical database is a recognized standard in the industry," said Sheila Ash, marketing manager for chemical information at Tripos.
Tripos will retain certain assets and substantially all liabilities.