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n. Christianity
The belief that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three separate and distinct gods, heretical in orthodox Christianity.

tri′the·ist n.
tri′the·is′tic, tri′the·is′ti·cal adj.
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Nonetheless, it is not always clear that his social doctrine of the Trinity, which suggests that the unity of the Trinity cannot be "an ultimately indivisible one" (106), is actually able to avoid tritheism in the end; and there are more than a few statements with tritheistic overtones such as: "The persons [Christ-God-Spirit] who act together [for us] .
14) Yet, at the same time, Rahner also rejected tritheism and tritheistic language in strong, explicit terms.
Bishop Dionysius of Rome harshly condemned those who divided the Trinity into three distinct hypostases, running the risk of adopting an unacceptable tritheistic doctrine.