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n. & v.
Variant of trolley.
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He was standing upon his trolly, haranguing a gangman, and his shoulders were as well drilled and his big, thick chin was as clean-shaven as ever.
He roared with amusement when he saw the oxygen cylinders upon the porter's trolly behind us.
Just then the racket was distracting, a pair-horse trolly lightly loaded with loose rods of iron passing slowly very near us.
Rawalpindi -- The body of a cop was found in a room located in a building near Trolly Stop on Khana Road, sources said on Sunday.
Tenders are invited for Providing 2 nos of Tractor Trolly with Fuel and Driver and all Maintainence and Risk of Tractor Trolly on monthly basis for Six Months
Then, without naming anyone and supposedly taking aim at Mazari and Awan, the federal minister said the "tractor trolly and newly acquired dumper can be used for hauling political garbage.