trot along

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w>trot along

vi (horse, person)traben; (pony)zockeln; (small child)trippeln; (= go away)abmarschieren; to trot along behind somebodyhinter jdm hertraben etc
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The sound of horse's hoofs approaching at a trot along the line of hussars was heard, and out of the foggy darkness the figure of a sergeant of hussars suddenly appeared, looming huge as an elephant.
Trot along quickly with your little feet, and get home safely.
Toto ran after her at times, barking joyously the while, only to become sober again and trot along at Dorothy's heels.
Now trot along to your uncle, Sarah Mary Williams George Elexander Peters, and if you get into trouble you send word to Mrs.
What the devil, old trapper, do you mean to foot it to the settlements, when here is a boat that will float the distance in half the time, that the jackass, the Doctor has given the Pawnee, could trot along the same.
A railroad yonder, see, where two stout horses trot along, drawing a score or two of people and a great wooden ark, with ease.
A leisurely trot along the course of a river, past fragrant alpine roses and deep into a mountainous side valley, offers a wonderfully contemplative experience.
Claim your free [euro]10 bet without even having to trot along to the bookies.
And while police were deployed to ensure the event ran smoothly, no problems were reported as the ponies and horses of all shapes and sizes enjoyed a trot along the road on which the club stands.
He began to trot along the ravine and I was able to draw and bleat him to a stop long enough to send my 100-grain Grim Reaper right into the front of his shoulder.
GO EXPLORING Saddleup for a horse ride into the countryside, then cool off with a trot along the beach.
And her sisters Kate Jones and Gale Quigley will trot along beside her.