trouble maker

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Noun1.trouble maker - someone who deliberately stirs up troubletrouble maker - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
unwelcome person, persona non grata - a person who for some reason is not wanted or welcome
agitator, fomenter - one who agitates; a political troublemaker
disturber - a troubler who interrupts or interferes with peace and quiet; someone who causes disorder and commotion
badgerer, heckler - someone who tries to embarrass you with gibes and questions and objections
hellion, devil, heller - a rowdy or mischievous person (usually a young man); "he chased the young hellions out of his yard"
hellhound - a very evil man
inciter, instigant, instigator, provoker, firebrand - someone who deliberately foments trouble; "she was the instigator of their quarrel"
blusterer, loudmouth - a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetly
cut-up, hoaxer, practical joker, prankster, tricker, trickster - someone who plays practical jokes on others
rioter - troublemaker who participates in a violent disturbance of the peace; someone who rises up against the constituted authority
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Trouble Maker helps organizations to maintain stable and durable platforms when implementing Microservices platforms and Java web applications.
One publican said: "He is just a little trouble maker.
Police say this reduced anti-social behaviour reports in the area, but officers are continuing to crack down on trouble makers in time for Halloween.
I would have expected to see the back of a few of last season's shirkers and trouble makers, but so far it has not materialised.
We are also working in partnership with licensees via the Nightsafe committee and Wrexham council using the town centre CCTV system to identify any trouble makers as soon as we can, and their help as a team is invaluable.
As for those chanting morons last week tarring us with the epithet trouble makers, shame on you and shame on those who refused to turn whistleblower when they knew the truth.
A ministry official said the trouble makers are acting upon what he termed
Summary: Rabat - Five people were charred to death inside a bank agency burned down in the northern city of Al Hoceima by trouble makers during acts of vandalism that followed Sunday protets, Interior Minister Taieb Cherqaoui said on Monday in Rabat.
They were thugs and trouble makers who came to spoil the event for everyone else.
Police put out 30 trouble makers and arrested two men as they separated the rival fans.
We applaud the police targeting trouble makers ( the 1% of people who cause trouble ( but the party is not over.
I have been plagued by these idiots in Lepton for 18 months and would point out that it is almost impossible to get a reaction from the police (999 or 0845) and when they do turn up they tell me who the trouble makers are.