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1. A member of a theatrical company.
2. A veteran actor or performer.
3. Variant of trooper..


1. (Theatre) a member of a troupe
2. an experienced or dependable worker or associate


(ˈtru pər)

1. an actor, esp. a member of a touring company.
2. an experienced and dependable performer, esp. a veteran actor.
3. a loyal worker or participant.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.trouper - a person who is reliable and uncomplaining and hard workingtrouper - a person who is reliable and uncomplaining and hard working
good person - a person who is good to other people
2.trouper - an actor who travels around the country presenting playstrouper - an actor who travels around the country presenting plays
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer


noun performer, player, actor, theatrical, entertainer, artiste, thespian Like the old trouper he is, he timed his entrance perfectly.
زميل يَعْمَل بصورةٍ شاقَّهعُضو في فِرْقَة مُمَثِّلين مُتَجَوِّلين
člen souborupracant
flittig kollegatrupmedlem
leikaritraustur félagi
člen súboruverný pracovník
çalışkan meslektaştrup üyesi


[ˈtruːpəʳ] N (Theat) → miembro mf de una compañía de actores
old trouperactor m veterano, actriz f veterana


n (Theat) → Mime m, → Mimin f (dated); an old trouper (fig)ein alter Hase; he/she is a real trouperer/sie packt immer mit an


(truːp) noun
a performing group (of actors, dancers etc). a circus troupe.
ˈtrouper noun
1. a member of a group of this kind.
2. a hard-working colleague.
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Super Trouper IT is really very very confusing TO be at one of your public discourses, When just yesterday you were so amusing As the two of us toured England's racecourses, You were driving, I sat by you map-reading, When the horse escaped it was hilarious, How you held your temper was astounding - Like an old old friend you stayed capricious.
It charts Kvothe's growth from a trouper to an arcane outlaw.
He performed every show like a trouper which was remarkable given what we know now.
And while the Eurovision-winning foursome have not reunited, Super Trouper are the next best thing.
ABBA tribute band Super Trouper are heading to Llandudno's Venue Cymru next week.
ABBA Super Trouper (Polar) * THE re-release of possibly Abba's best-ever album.
My mother, who was known for her gracious kindness, was quite a trouper.
Simon Cowell has called Sarah Ferguson a trouper for attending the Variety charity gala, despite her public embarrassment over the scandal.
But her co-host Olly said: "She was a trouper on the show that weekend and got on with the job.
A CONVERSATION on a plane inspired Mark Thomas to write the box office sensation stage show Super Trouper, which pays homage to the music of Swedish iconic pop group Abba.
BE a Super Trouper in this black star print jumpsuit, pounds 29.