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A common-law action to recover damages for property illegally withheld or wrongfully converted to use by another.

[From Anglo-Norman, to compose, invent, find, probably from Vulgar Latin *tropāre; see troubadour.]


(Law) law (formerly) the act of wrongfully assuming proprietary rights over personal goods or property belonging to another
[C16: from Old French, from trover to find; see trouvère, troubadour]


(ˈtroʊ vər)

n. Law.
an action for the recovery of the value of personal property seized or appropriated by another.
[1585–95; < Middle French, Old French: to find, probably < Vulgar Latin *tropāre to compose, invent, derivative of Latin tropus trope; compare contrive]
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A prudent person would, however, have taken proper advantage of the ignorance of this fellow, and would not have offered more than a shilling, or perhaps sixpence, for it; nay, some perhaps would have given nothing, and left the fellow to his action of trover, which some learned serjeants may doubt whether he could, under these circumstances, have maintained.
Trover Family Foundation, $11,000; Children's Trust Fund, $12,500; The Collins Foundation, $40,000; Cressey Family Charitable Trust, $3,500; BPOE 1904 (Elks Club), $750; Emergency Food and Shelter Program, $2,000; Eugene Active 20-30 Club, $1,500; Gerald and Veronica Walton, $300; Great Rotary raffle, $40,000; Lane County Department of Human Services, $196,057; Lane County Human Services Commission, $55,663; McKay Family Foundation, $20,000; Northwest Community Credit Union, $5,000; Storms Family Foundation, $5,000; TWANDA Foundation, $2,000; United Way of Lane County, $25,000; Wells Fargo Foundation, $1,000; Western Oregon University, $1,500.
A similar story can be told about trover and conversion as methods to determine title to chattels.
and trover (to recover damages for the conversion of chattel).
com, a salary and reviews website for companies, and Trover, a mobile discovery network.
3) In that case, Delamirie had taken and kept a jewel from a chimney sweep's boy who had found it, and was sued in trover.
Franklin Square Capital Partners has originated a USD260 million unitranche term loan to support the acquisition and combination of Trover Solutions, Inc.
4 March 2016 - US-based alternative investment fund manager Franklin Square Capital Partners has originated a USD 260m unitranche term loan to support the acquisition and combination of Trover Solutions, Inc.
Structural reforms outlined by Governor Rauner will help grow the economy, while saving local governments and taxpayers billions, Director of Communications Lance Trover said.
Ceste notable Passion Fust par grande devocion Achevee du tout descripre Sans riens y trover que redire Ne d'y avoir faulte dung mot.
In 2009, when Glen French joined Trover Solutions of Louisville, Kentucky, as chief financial officer (CFO) and chairman of its investment committee, participation in the 401(k) was 77%, and participants contributed, on average, a mere 1% to 2% of their salary-even with Trover's dollar-for-dollar 6% match.