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Noun1.troy ounce - a unit of apothecary weight equal to 480 grains or one twelfth of a pound
troy unit - any of the unit of the troy system of weights
apothecaries' unit, apothecaries' weight - any weight unit used in pharmacy; an ounce is equal to 480 grains and a pound is equal to 12 ounces
pennyweight - a unit of apothecary weight equal to 24 grains
drachm, drachma, dram - a unit of apothecary weight equal to an eighth of an ounce or to 60 grains
apothecaries' pound, troy pound - an apothecary weight equal to 12 ounces or 373.242 grams
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3765 manats per troy ounce in Azerbaijan on March 13, according to the data published by the country's Central Bank.
Public Law 119-94 requires the Secretary of the Treasury to mint and issue palladium bullion coins weighing one troy ounce of .
The mine produced more than 45,000 troy ounces (one troy ounce is a little more than 31g) of Welsh gold - the Queen was presented with a kilogram of Gwynfynydd gold on her 60th birthday - and was the last working mine in Wales.
It said the average gold price during the half year was PS791 per troy ounce, although by the middle of August it said this had fallen to PS717 per troy ounce, which will reduce sales from pawnbroking scrap during the second half of the year.
The gold price amounted to $1,179 per troy ounce on December 23, 2014, Tazabek reported referring to analysts of Kitco.
dollar value of one troy ounce, the EM gold contract is one-tenth the size of that yardstick and involves a lesser opening margin requisite.
Interestingly, one troy ounce of gold in Roman Britain 2,000 years ago would buy products valued at one troy ounce of gold because it always kept its retrievable value.
Trading Unit for the contract is 10 Troy Ounces and the price quotation is in US dollars per troy ounce while the P/L and Margins are in Rupees.
The gold will be transacted in units of Troy Ounce (31.
In our February article, A golden opportunity, we reported that gold and platinum could reach as much as US$1500 a troy ounce, however UBS actually says that its gold forecast stands at US$1250 a troy ounce for the next 12 months with peak levels at US$1300 a troy ounce.
dollars per gold troy ounce between January 1990 and April 2009.
GIVEN the prevailing opinion of many that the EU is bent on destroying the 100s of years of UK custom in terms of weights and measures, etc, it is refreshing to learn that the European Parliament has at last recognised UK sovereignty in one respect and has decided to remove the 2009 deadline in Directive 80/181, thus allowing the UK to decide the future use of the mile for road traffic, the pint for draught beer, cider and bottled milk and the troy ounce for precious metals.