truck farming

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truck farm

A small farm producing vegetables for commercial sale, usually to local markets.

[From truck.]

truck farmer n.
truck farm′ing n.
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Noun1.truck farming - growing vegetables for the markettruck farming - growing vegetables for the market  
farming, husbandry, agriculture - the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
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Together with the chairmen of the boards of the SNT, we twice visited the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade, where the specialists of the development department of horticulture, truck farming and dacha economy advised us on the issues of interest.
yes, that is Truck Farming and a mother-daughter team in Texas is making Truck Farming very popular.
The local economy in the 1980s was centered on truck farming, including livestock, with some economic surplus for international trade produced by fishing in Lake Kiva and Lake Tanganyika.
Built on a 4 ha-area each, the farms of Ait Yaazem (Province of El Hajeb) and of Laajajra, (Province Zwagha Moulay Yacoub) are designed to strengthen the technical abilities and the know-how of the local population in terms of truck farming.
Primarily rural with dairy, horse and truck farming, it was a market-basket for the metropolis.
To wit: Subsistence truck farming makes for colorful ethnic tableaux, and for a devastating, very uncolorful loss of topsoil and minerals.