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One's beloved; a sweetheart.


1. someone truly loved; sweetheart
2. (Plants) another name for herb Paris



a sweetheart.
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Noun1.truelove - a person loved by another persontruelove - a person loved by another person  
lover - a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
dulcinea, ladylove - a woman who is a man's sweetheart
sugar daddy - a wealthy older man who gives a young person expensive gifts in return for friendship or intimacy
valentine - a sweetheart chosen to receive a greeting on Saint Valentine's Day; "will you be my valentine?"


A person who is much loved:
Informal: sweetie.
Idiom: light of one's life.
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But Ystrad weren't taking it lying down and another penalty from Truelove, followed by a wellworked try from centre Ryan Howells and conversion made for a tense final 10 minutes with Bargoed just in front at 22-21.
Daniel Truelove, 18, had already stolen a paperboy's bike when he approached a dog walker in Birkenhead Park on April 20 last year and demanded cash and his mobile phone.
The two-year-old French Limousin heifer ran down livestock worker Andrew Truelove, 43, knocking him unconscious and trampling on his chest before jumping over a broken perimeter wall.
Meanwhile, Louise Truelove and boyfriend Dan walk her 'babies', or 'the woofers' and they discuss Louise's plans to take advantage of her staff discount at plastic surgeons Mills and Mills to have a second boob job.
In announcing the decision by Klovas, who would have been a sophomore in eligibility this fall, the Ducks acknowledged that defensive lineman Brian Truelove also has left the team after completing winter term classes.
Anne Truelove and Gerry Smith, chief executives of former divisions Greencore Chilled Foods and Greencore Ambient & Frozen Foods, will be leaving the company.
Anne Truelove, chief executive of Greencore Chilled Foods, said: "Following a strategic review of our chilled food operations, we decided we needed to increase our marketing know-how.
Coventry have continued their rebuilding by signing centre George Truelove from French side Castres and full-back Alan Mitchell from Premiership newcomers Leeds.
Garry Pagel powered over two minutes after the interval from a line-out and although Bedford hit back with tries from George Truelove and Gomarsall, Simon Holmes added two more for Saints.
Bedford, inspired by Andy Gomarsall, battled away and were rewarded with second- half tries from George Truelove and Gomarsall who is trying to resurrect his England career.
The new group executive comes into effect today and comprises David Dilger (Chief Executive), Neil Chalk (Group Strategy and Development Director), Tony Hynes (Chief Operating Officer), Patrick Kennedy (Chief Financial Officer), Anne Truelove, Gerry Smith and Caroline Bergin (Group Company Secretary).
Neil Truelove, 36, denies intentionally wounding 23-year-old Mr Jones, as well as an alternative charge of wounding.