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n, pl -meaux (-ˈməʊz)
(Architecture) architect a section of a wall or pillar between two openings
[from French]



n., pl. -meaux (-ˈmoʊz)
a column supporting a tympanum of a doorway at its center.
[1885–90; < French; Old French trumel leg, calf, perhaps < Frankish *thrum piece (see thrum2)]
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The wife states, "I consider art to be all sorts of things--a painting, an architectural fragment, a beautiful antique trumeau, or even the antlers on a skull mount--something about the way each one is different in nature is so sculptural to me.
Introducing this formal language is a plaster cast of a Virgin and Child from Notre-Dame, the cathedral's only surviving original trumeau (the vertical central pillar between two doors or windows).
On the foyer, the guest is welcomed by the striking contrast of an ornate trumeau, a French mirror by Betis Crafts, against Jaime Zobel de Ayala's stark abstraction.