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Adj.1.trumpet-shaped - shaped in the form of a trumpet; "trumpet-shaped flowers"
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Even Eye-of-the-Spring [that is a little trumpet-shaped, waxy red flower that runs in and out among the grasses]--even Eye-of- the Spring is shut, and .
Its trumpet-shaped blooms come in a variety of colours, from pinks, reds and purples to classic Heavenly Blue.
With unique double trumpet-shaped designs and laser cutting technology for valve stent, VenusP-Valve is endowed with a strong radial support force, stable anchoring, and easy release.
The trumpet-shaped, 6-inch blooms dominate their surroundings.
Then in summer, trumpet-shaped pink blooms pop up on a single stem.
The shocking green and yellow foliage would probably be enough to make gardeners desire the plant, but add the trumpet-shaped, red-orange flower so loved by pollinators, and its really more than a plant geek like me can stand.
Normally seen in borders in any traditional English garden, these giant bulbs will produce enormous 2m tall stems, with up to 15 large trumpet-shaped flowers.
Obvious choices include scented honeysuckles, climbing roses and common white jasmine (Jasminum officinale), which can reach 8m (26ft) and produces clusters of simple, white trumpet-shaped flowers from early summer to autumn if planted in well-drained soil in a warm, sheltered spot, ideally on a south-facing wall.
The trumpet-shaped, white flowers are toxic to curious cats who might chew the plant's petals and leaves.
The plant originated in central China and blooms spectacularly in May and June, with numerous pink, trumpet-shaped flowers that make it deserving of its name.
Also known as angel's trumpets, they produce trumpet-shaped flowers up to 25cm long during summer.
One bulb quickly builds up into a clump on most soils, producing a profusion of white, trumpet-shaped blooms with yellow throats and purple pink outsides.