tub gurnard

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Noun1.tub gurnard - a kind of gurnardtub gurnard - a kind of gurnard      
gurnard - bottom-dwelling coastal fishes with spiny armored heads and fingerlike pectoral fins used for crawling along the sea bottom
genus Triga, Triga - type genus of the Triglidae
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During the match Dave Bentley took a tub gurnard of 1lb 5oz.
Allan Jones, from Penygraig, caught four dogfish and a tub gurnard for the 2.
Out fishing over the rock channel off New Brighton on Saturday, Brigand again gave anglers a fantastic day's sport, seeing thornback rays, Tub gurnard, flounder, cod, whiting, pouting, dab, dogfish and a baby tope taken.
THIS specimen tub gurnard with pectoral fins like big wings is a potential new Scottish boat record.
Fourteen species were taken, including ballan wrasse, coalfish, cod, dab, lesser spotted dogfish, ling, lesser weaver, mackerel, plaice, pollack, pouting, red gurnard, tub gurnard and whiting.
But Graham Lewis from Gosport, Hampshire, recognised a tub gurnard when his beach-fishing lantern revealed a brilliantly-coloured fish on the line at 10.
A mixture of dogfish, whiting and a tub gurnard made up Mal Hughes's winning 8.