tube wrench

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: wrench - adjustable wrench for gripping and turning a pipetube wrench - adjustable wrench for gripping and turning a pipe; has two serrated jaws that are adjusted to grip the pipe
adjustable spanner, adjustable wrench - an adjustable tool for gripping hexagonal nuts, with an adjustings crew in the head of the implement
chain tongs - a pipe wrench used for turning large pipes; an adjustable chain circles the pipe with its ends connected to the head whose teeth engage the pipe
Stillson wrench - a large pipe wrench with L-shaped adjustable jaws that tighten as pressure on the handle is increased
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It contains fold-out Allen and Torx keys for almost all scope rings and a universal choke tube wrench, plus a storage bay for Phillips and flat screwdriver blades.
Tools include a saw, an awl that's big enough to start treestep holes, a choke tube wrench, a flat screwdriver, soft-wire cutters, bottle opener, combo-blade utility knife, and a Phillips screwdriver.
And with a proven array of useful tools such as saw, awl, choke tube wrench, screwdrivers, soft-wire cutters and combo-blade utility knife, hunters have virtually a toolbox on their belt.
The gun comes with a set of five flush-fitting choke tubes and a tube wrench.
Swinging out from the opposite end of the handle are a Torx T20, a stainless universal choke tube wrench, knife blade and a pin punch.